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  • Top 7 Resources You Had No Clue Existed

    By: Shama Hyder 1) Otengo– Want to send your wedding video to a friend? How about a few presentations to a colleague? Use Otengo. It allows you to send huge files in minutes. Best part: you can use your own email address. It’s a stand-alone application. Only caveat, your friend has to have Otengo to receive the files. But, that’s a snap because downloads are free-and spam safe. 2) MyN10– LinkedIn meets BNI. A social networking site…but, not just another one. This one if for serious networkers. Give referrals, get referrals, and even attend teleseminars from their virtual univesity on topics ranging from online marketing to PR. It’s everything you wish LinkedIn and Facebook were. There is a free and paid option. 3) RescueTime– Ever wondered how much time you really spend on email and Facebook? Yeah, us too. This free tool tracks your time-then scores your efficiency. 4) K9Cuisine Blog– Got dogs? This blog is a hidden resource for ALL things dog. Got a question? Get free advice from expert vets and trainers. 5) Image Resizing– A simple and effective tool to resize images-all online! 6) HARO– Help a Reporter Out, my friend! This is one resource you may…

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  • Free Integrated Marketing Webinar- Tomorrow

    A little bit of this…a little bit of that. That’s what my colleague Shannon Chery and I discovered most businesses do when it comes to marketing and PR. And you know what…it never works! Tactics without strategy is useless. If you’re looking to attract more prospects, you’ll want to join Shannon & me for this exclusive event sponsored by ReadyTalk. You’ll learn: How to Reach your Target Market Online How to Market to Prospects…and to the Media-using the same tools! How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing. and much much more. Register by visiting

  • A Lesson on Service from The Dark Knight

    By: Shama Hyder *If you haven’t seen the new Batman movie-this contains a spoiler. Just bookmark this post and come back to it after you have seen the film. The film definitely worth watching!* In the movie, the idea of a hero is highly debated. What makes for a hero? Is it someone who places humankind on a pedestal of good…only to be easily thwarted by one betrayal? Is it someone who walks the line no matter what? Or…is it someone who becomes whatever the people need him (or her) to become? In the last scene of the movie, Batman takes the blame for a few dead officers and lets the cops chase him. The chief inspector and his young son are the only two people who know of his innocence. As Batman runs, the little boy inquires (paraphrased): “Why is Batman running daddy? He didn’t do anything wrong.” To which his father replies, “Because we have to chase him son.” The ultimate moral of the story: A real hero is not always loved. Sometimes he is hated. But, he always sticks to what people NEED. This got me thinking about professional service providers-consultants, coaches, anyone who has the responsibility…

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  • 50 Reasons to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

    Meet your current fans. Meet your critics…and utilize their constructive criticism Connect with prospects Keep up with past and present clients Share your work (articles, blog, videos, podcasts, etc.). Find referral sources Find Joint Venture (JV) partners Share valuable resources with clients and prospects Drive traffic to your website and blog Gain blog readers Further your online brand Establish your expertise Find speaking opportunities Meet colleagues Tactics relatively easy to carry out (strategy must be thought out) Boost SEO efforts Collect testimonials with ease Give recommendations Maintain relationships with the people you network with offline Serve as a maven or hub of information (connect friends with each other!) Share company event pictures (let people see how cool you really are!) Find interns (happy to detail that in another post). Find employees Find another job Find mentors Mentor newcomers to the field Get the scoop on the latest conferences and seminars Raised prices (because you are naturally more savvy to consumer needs) Distribute content in more areas Poll people Showcase your team Track what’s being said …then join the conversation Collect case studies Check out the competition …then play nice with them! Read industry related pieces Ask how you can add…

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