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  • A Most Intriguing Conversation about Facebook

    By: Shama Hyder Yesterday, I had the chance to speak to a most fascinating individual. But, before I go into the details of our conversation, it’s important to give some background. A few weeks ago I found out that I would be speaking at Blog World (amazing blogging conference) in Las Vegas. The topic? “Facebook Fortunes: How to Market your Brand, Blog, and Business on Facebook.” Last year, Blog World was amazing, and it blew my socks off. This year, I am thrilled to actually be a bigger part of it. If you are even vaguely thinking about going-stop thinking, and just go. Why? The coolest bloggers in the world are there. You can make some great friends. The presentations are going to kick-butt. Your business/blog/brand WILL benefit just by being there. (I know because that’s exactly what happened for me last year.) It’s in LAS VEGAS! Okay, now, back to the prequel to this intriguing conversation. I want to make sure that the presentation on Facebook is the BEST ever! So, I contacted Mari Smith (another Facebook expert) for any case studies that she may want to add. She, in turn, recommended I speak to Kevin Nation…and there the…

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  • Why Do People Twitter?: Results of a Scientific Study

    By: Shama Hyder A few months ago, I conducted a full blown quantitative study of Twitter. (This was for a Master’s thesis from the University of Texas at Austin). Main goal was to study why people use Twitter, and to check if they perceive time differently (goes by faster, dragging on, etc.) than people who use other social media sites. Over 1000 surveys were collected. Approximately 650 were Twitter users. One question asked…”I twitter because…” Answer choices were divided into six categories of communication motives (i.e., pleasure, affection, inclusion, escape, relaxation, and control). Results? Results revealed that Twitter users were more likely to communicate in order to Escape. This means they chose items in line with: I talk to put off something I should be doing; I talk to get away from what I am doing; I talk because I have nothing better to do; I talk to get away from pressures and responsibilities. My earlier research on Twitter had led to the assumption that it was a “water cooler” of sorts for bloggers (as a group and occupation type) to convene, ask questions, get feedback, and spend time with colleagues. These findings make it clear that Twitter users do…

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  • Super Duper FREE Online Marketing and PR Resources

    By: Shama Hyder While there are many thousand dollar products out there on online marketing, there are also some amazing free marketing resources. Online Video Toolkit- Colleague, Jim Kukral, has outdone himself here! He provides 10 videos on how to create your OWN online videos. He walks you through everything from picking out the equipment (on the dime) to editing your videos (…also on the dime). It doesn’t get better than this folks. Free Online Marketing Guide-Yes, I totally created this. But, you know what? It’s really really good! If that sounds like bragging-it is. I spent weeks creating this 21 page workbook. And it makes me REALLY happy when folks email me telling me how it’s helped them. Go get a copy! Help a Reporter Out- Also known as HARO, this is the brainchild of my friend and colleague Peter Shankman of NY. It is a free PR resource. Reporters submit their queries, and Peter mails out the list. Find a match? Contact the reporter directly. Google Trends– What are people searching for today? Use this tool to check for online search trends. Then, make sure your online marketing ties in! Free Press Release Grader- This tool will analyze…

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  • How to Be a Social Media God or Goddess

    By: Shama Hyder Definition of Social Media God or Goddess: Having the supernatural ability to be in 10 places at once. So, how do I do it? All right, all right, I’ll spill! 1) I have a blog which I update regularly. This is basic. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, update it regularly. If you update it regularly, keep reading! = ) 2) I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, and Friendfeed. These are my current favorite social networking websites. By account, I mean I have signed up for each of these services and built a solid profile there. 3) I have an account on Tweet Later. I use Tweet Later for 2 major things. 1) To automatically follow whoever follows me, and 2) To automatically send them a welcome to Twitter message. 4) I have my blog feed connected to Facebook. I use 2 applications. 1) I have connected my notes feed to the rss feed of the blog. Every time I write an entry, it gets published as a note. 2) I use an application called “Blog RSS Feed Reader” which lists all my recent articles directly on my profile.

  • How to Get Your Clients to Recognize Your Value

    By: Shama Hyder This is a fairly common situation in our field of work: “Shama, I can REALLY make a difference in a client’s life. This process/method/service can be so beneficial to them. Yet, when I state my price-they usually bail!” This isn’t because the client doesn’t get it. It’s because you haven’t properly conveyed your value. So, let’s see how you can establish your value in front of a client. Realize that all business is show business, and develop your star quality! This is the same message conveyed by the charming Tsufit in her new book Step Into the Spotlight! Before a prospect ever has a selling conversation with you, you should already be a star in their eyes. This doesn’t mean Paris Hilton style antics. It means making sure that you are already perceived as a credible resource. Check out this online marketing guide to help establish your credibility online. Set priorities…and limits. When I first started my business, I didn’t let my clients know how much time I would be able to devote to the project. Inadvertently, I ended up working as an employee and not an entrepreneur. I was afraid that my clients wouldn’t think I…

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  • The 5 Most Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

    By: Shama Hyder 1) Creating a website but not proactively driving visitors to it. I see this all the time. VERY smart business owners will create a great looking website and then “hope” that their clients will find them. Location is nothing when it comes to the online world. Yes, your domain name matters. But, that’s all. Otherwise, the playing field is leveled. If you build a website, make sure you are driving traffic to it. You can do so using online methods (i.e., search engine optimization, pay per click, etc.) and off line methods (encouraging people you meet to check out your site). 2) Not capturing visitor information. You don’t have to offer an eZine or an online newsletter, but do capture visitor information in some form or fashion. Most visitors (many qualified prospects!) will never come back to your website. There is too much to do, see, hear. Websites are going up just as you read this. Make sure you find a way to keep in touch with the people who stop by. 3) Not playing with the website. I met a guy last week (let’s call him Joe) who told me: “I have a website. I put…

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  • Podcast: Marketing for Physicians

    By: Shama Hyder Physicians are often an overlooked group in the professional services industry. Talent does not equal business success. Marketing has a huge part to play. Internet marketing in particular can be extremely helpful. Here is a 22 minute podcast I did with friend and colleague Philippa Kennealy on SEO for physician business owners. You don’t have to be a physician to get something out of this. Listen Here.

  • A Blind Man, A Marketer, and Money

    Colleague, Michael Port, published this excellent story in his eZine today. I just knew I had to share it with you! One day, there was a blind man sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet and a sign that read: ‘I am blind, please help.’ A marketer was walking by and stopped to observe. He saw that the blind man had only a few coins in his hat. He dropped in more coins and, without asking for permission, took the sign and rewrote it. He returned the sign to the blind man and left. That afternoon the marketer returned to the blind man and noticed that his hat was full of bills and coins. The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked if it was he who had rewritten his sign and wanted to know what he had written on it. The marketer responded: “Nothing that was not true. I just wrote the message a little differently.” He smiled and went on his way. The new sign read: Today is Spring and I cannot see it. Sometimes we need to change our strategy. If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get…

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  • 7 Top Facebook Hacks for Business

    By: Shama Hyder Recently, I got an email that tipped me off to this great post on 101 Facebook Hacks you Never Knew About. From these, I extracted the best Facebook hacks for business. 1. More Friends: This smart hack goes through your list of friends to find more friends you may have forgotten about or didn’t know were on Facebook. 2. Facebook Photos Plugin for WordPress: Easily blog your Facebook pictures with this smart hack. 3. ShopCreator: This ecommerce software works with Facebook Marketplace. 4. Private Wall: The Private Wall combines the best of both worlds of Facebook: online convenience and communication with more serious privacy settings. 5. Badges: With this feature, you can send Facebook friends and followers to other websites, including your company site. 6. Facebook Insight: Learn more about Facebook demographics, your target audience and the success of your Facebook advertising campaign with this tracking tool. 7. OutSync: Microsoft Outlook users who have this Facebook app will find that their friends’ profile pictures also appear in their Outlook address book entries.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build your Business Site

    By: Shama Hyder A small part of what we do here at Click To Client is design and develop websites for businesses. Our platform of choice to build these sites is always WordPress. It is an open source platform for blogs. Meaning, it’s free and kept that way by the thousands of developers who devote time and energy to it. Here are 10 reasons we use WordPress to build business websites: 1. Great Content Management System (CMS)-This is our number one reason. Building a business website on WordPress allows you to update your own website without a designer. Many content management systems cost thousands of dollars and are clunky at best. Because WordPress has an army of people who are constantly making it better, it’s a snap to do it yourself. 2. It’s FREE-How cool is that? A free content management system. 3. Great Plugins-Plugins are add-ons or “widgets” that you can use to upgrade your blog. See the recent comments and most popular posts generated to the left? That’s thanks to different plugins. The comments function that allows you to add your opinions below? Also a plugin. 4. A Variety of Themes and Designs- Type in “WordPress themes” in…

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