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  • World Internet Summit Dallas 2008-Review

    By: Shama Hyder This weekend an internet marketing seminar is taking place here in Dallas. It’s called the World Internet Summit. I attended Thursday and Friday, and decided to skip out on today and tomorrow. It ends Sunday. Here are my thoughts: The Good: A nice line up of speakers providing good basic internet marketing information. My favorite was Debra Thompson Roedl. She really explained the marketing funnel concept well, and shared some personal insights. Location. It was held in the biggest ballroom at the Sheraton. The Bad: Hiding facts. All the speakers that I saw (except for Debra) talked about making thousands on the internet with just ONE email. Imagine that. They got the crowd excited, but completely FORGOT to mention that a STRONG list is key. Who will you send an email out to? Your family? You need a group of people that trust your recommendations. One of the speakers pointed out that you can give away a free report and build up your list that way. Well, 1) that still takes a LOT of time. 2) If you constantly just “sell” to your subscribers, they will UNSUBSCRIBE! You TOO can make money on the internet! This seemed…

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  • New Design, Better Content, Sharper Focus

    By: Shama Hyder Did you notice that the site looks different? If you get this through RSS or email, feel free to click on the link and come check out the new look. What’s new? – Sharper Design, Stronger Colors, Easier Navigation – More (better) Content – Sharper Focus (Online Marketing to Get Clients!)

  • Internet Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurial Physicians

    Sorry guys! This is totally a last minute reminder… Philippa Kennealy, the Entrepreneurial MD, is hosting me on her live teleseminar today. This is right off of Philippa’s site… Is your practice or business ready for its web debut? Is your current website just not producing the “goods”? A well-crafted and thought-out web presence will be an important marketing strategy in your overall marketing plan for your business — be that your practice or another entrepreneurial company you have created. It just doesn’t cut it these days NOT to be found on the Internet! Think about it. How often do you select a service or buy a new product of any value without trying to learn more about it first with a web search? If you are struggling to figure out ways to create a viable professional and persuasive web presence, then this class is for you. Our guest of the month, Shama Hyder will help show us the way to market your services online. Come and join us for this interesting and extremely popular topic. Call Details: Date: May 21st, 2008 Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern/5:00 – 6:00 PM Pacific Tuition: Nothing! – This is a FREE teleclass…

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  • Finding True Love…and the Right Niche!

    By: Shama Hyder There are two great feats in life. If you successfully manage to accomplish both, you are practically guaranteed a sublime life. 1) Find True Love 2) Find the Right Niche (in business) Now, this ain’t no love blog, so we will not delve into the details of #1. However, we will focus on the top 5 ways to find your perfect niche. 1) Passion and Knowledge Matter- Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I have heard "top gurus" in the field say ignore your passion and just find a lucrative niche. That’s not an formula for long term success. Leverage what you love to do. If you know nothing about fishing, don’t go into the lures business. 2) Is there Demand?- While passion and knowledge are key, you also have to research demand. This is fairly easy to do with today’s technology. Start with a basic Google search, email your potential target market to get feedback, or even setup a free survey using Survey Monkey. Don’t be afraid to drop an idea if you don’t see the demand for it. Too many business owners fail because they passionately go after an idea that never showed demand in…

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  • STOP Using Facebook!

    By: Shama Kabani That’s exactly what I want to say to a lot of people misusing and abusing Facebook right now-just stop! I do a lot of social media marketing for our clients and know many colleagues (Dave Evans, Chris Brogan, and Nancy Marmolejo for example) who do it well. The Marketing Zen Group was also one of the first companies to tout the benefits of social media for marketing…especially marketing using Facebook. Now, I am just mad. I see more and more people on Facebook misusing and abusing the trust of others. Yes, this post is my first official rant on this blog. It’s also my way of trying to educate those who are really MISSING the mark here! This post may not be for those who are easily offended. You may note that it is also not my usual style of writing. However, I feel this MUST be said. 1) Facebook is a RELATIONSHIP Marketing Tool- This is key. I can’t stress it enough. You can use Facebook to create, build, and nurture relationships. DO NOT use it to send “buy my products and services” messages. That’s called spam. Use Facebook to build communities, nurture trust, and find…

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  • Top 10 Marketing Insights

    1) Consumers are NOT Tired of Information. In fact, they are out looking for it on a daily basis. The main difference? They want it on their terms: when they want it and how they want it. So, seek permission and keep in touch. You never know when they may need your services! 2) Define and Focus– In a world full of grays, you have to be the red. Sharpen your marketing message, keep sight of your focus, and walk a straight line. Your clients and prospects don’t have time for wishy-washy. Stay sharp in all that you do. 3) Remember the Two I’s.– Internet and Interaction. They have to go together. Your personal interactions should be a reflection of your online image. This is the TRUE brand experience. 4) Involve the Client- Client engagement is key. Keep them involved in all that you do, even if the project doesn’t require their direct attention. Training and educating the client is just as important as the work that you do. 5) Design and Edit- Designers and editors will rule the world. Cultivate the editor and designer within you. Editor- because to succeed in business you have become the ultimate tweaking machine….

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