Published on 19th Mar, 2008 in Online Marketing

1000 True Fans or 10 Constant Clients

By: Shama Hyder

Recently there was a brilliant article by Kevin Kelly called 1000 True Fans. In it he argued, that to be successful you don’t need hordes of fans. He was talking about musicians and artists in particular. You don’t have to reach rock-star level to earn a decent living (100k).  All you need is 1000 true fans.

True fans go out of their way to attend your concerts, buy your products, and evangelize to their friends.

The same concept of fans applies to consulting, coaching, accounting- really, all service professions. You don’t need a list of 50,000+. You just need a few constant clients who love what you are about.


1) Decide how many is the magic number. 10? 100? 1000? How many adoring fans do you REALLY need to be successful?

2) Figure out how you can attract them by adding value and by being remarkable-to them anyway.