10 Commandments all Entrepreneurs must Follow

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I am the first to admit that having your own business is a blast but I am also the first to admit that it is often unsure terrain out there. Here are 10 commandments that may help you along.

#10 – Develop Patience. There can be no denying this commandment. Clients and customers sometimes need time to make up their minds, vendors get delayed, mercury goes into retrograde and throws off your computer system. For the sake of those around you and your own piece of mind don’t let delays and distractions get you down.

#9- Learn to Accept Responsibility– If you get the job, you did it! If you messed up, the credit still goes to you. Responsibility often gets a bad rep because people associate it with guilt. In reality, responsibility is all about “your ability to respond” to what happens.

#8- Understand Risk– If you think business is a gamble, please think again. Entrepreneurs are natural risk takers, but that risk has to be a calculated, well thought-out, risk.

#7- Take time to Recharge-Being an entrepreneur does not mean that you have to have work on your mind all the time. Take time off to recharge your batteries and enjoy the day!

#6Be Nice to Fellow Entrepreneurs-No man is an island. Neither is a business. Show fellow entrepreneurs kindness and compassion. If they need help and you are in a position to provide it-do so.

#5- Have Good Tech Support– We are lucky to be living in the technology age, but that also means that our lives (and our businesses) are intertwined with the technology we use. When the technology goes down, make sure you have a list of pros you can depend on.

#4- Follow Good Models– Whether they be people or methods-good models are often time tested and proven ways of doing something and doing it well. Seek out good models and follow them.

#3- Love what you Do– 6 out of 7 days at least, love what you do. All entrepreneurs are allowed “off-days” where their feelings may border on simply liking what they do.

#2- Ask for help when you need it– You have a dentist who helps your teeth, an instructor for tennis, and even an interior decorator for the rooms you don’t know what to do with. Why stop there? Your business is a crucial part of you life. Get help when you need it.

# 1Work SMART, not Hard– The number one commandment for all entrepreneurs. Hard work is overrated. If you can do something in less time with less money and more ease-go with it.

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  • Liz

    Hi Shama
    Thanks for putting this together. This is a great list with good advice for entrepreneurs! The one I would add (if there were 11 commandments…) is to have faith in yourself and your abilities. I strongly believe that most of us know more than we realize – and that we should trust our inner wisdom.

  • Shama

    GREAT one Liz! Let that be our official number 11-always believe in yourself. Thank you for adding your insight. It is much appreciated.

  • http://wahfacts.blogspot.com Crystal

    You truly nailed this one. I could not have said it any better myself. Thanks for sharing!