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There’s a reason why almost every major media publication, from Forbes to Inc, has called us a company to watch…

Marketing Zen isn’t just our name…it’s our mission. Today’s digital landscape is constantly changing. Consider us your guides.News moves at the speed of a tweet, new social platforms emerge overnight, and just as you’ve upgraded – there is another version. We help brands succeed in this chaotic digital age.

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How to Use Quora to Help Your Business

How to Use Quora to Help Your Business

Websites that allow you to pose questions to the internet at large have to be one of the both best and worst things web developers have given us. You can post the silliest, most random question—“What should I have for dinner tonight?”—and you’re bound to get a slew of answers, plus start an argument about the advantages of pizza with mushrooms versus pizza with spinach.

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Marketing to Millennials: An INBOUND Presentation

Marketing to Millennials: An INBOUND Presentation

Our CEO, Shama Hyder, spoke today at INBOUND 2015 – Hubspot’s largest conference with over 15,000 people attending. She spoke on how to market to millennials – AKA the future of the workforce. Here are…

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Finishing Strong: Digital Marketing for the Fourth Quarter

Finishing Strong: Digital Marketing for the Fourth Quarter

It’s official: summer is coming to an end. It doesn’t exactly feel like it from my house in Texas, but the calendar doesn’t lie. My Facebook feed has switched from being filled with skinny girls in bikinis frolicking on beaches to little ones posing on their porches for the first day of school. Stores are stocked up with school supplies instead of sunscreen. Yes, summer is ending.

Summer can be rough on digital marketing efforts.

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the zen of social media marketing 3rd Edition

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the zen of social media marketing

We literally wrote the #1 best-selling book on social media.